Quick tour by Ms.Heaven Peralejo

"Feeling ko ito yung hidden gem ng Makati" -  Heaven

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Papa Jackson's Birthday Celebration

Celebrate with the famous DJ in town, authentic and quick tour of C Suites

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Watch DJ Kara's advice and C Suites Experience

A Summer Getaway experience from the prettiest DJ in town. 

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Quick tour in C Suites! by JJ's Journey: Watch the full video!

Fridtjov and Julia, a travel couple from Norway and Germany got to experience C Suites Hospitality,

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Birthday Getaway Experience

A perfect staycation for families and friends, no road trips needed!

Watch Ms. Andrea Montealto's C Suites Birthday Celebration of her Daddy, check out her Youtube Channel at :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3dTN1biCt0&t=16s

Wondering where to stay in the City?

Read this blog article by Mr. Jonas as he explore C Suites Instagram worthy spot!

To get a glimpse of his photos go to http://jonas.ph/blog/2017/08/21/staycation-c-suites-two-central/

Making incredible memories with Ads the Great!

A Hassle-Free-Staycation inside the busiest city in the Philippines

Check out his blog article about C Suites in his website at http://adsthegreat.com/index.php/2017/08/05/go-over-for-your-next-hassle-free-staycation-at-c-suites-two-central-residences/