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CSuites is not a hotel nor condominium name.It is an inventory of residential condo units in Makati and Cebu with perfectly designed rooms that caters short term stay for a night, a week or a month.

C Suites provide comfort and security towards our clients for a delight stay inside the busiest places in the Philippines. Convenience and a hassle-free staycation is what we can offer, as everything is within your reach.

A great place to live in a suite life.


1.      Check-in: 2:00 PM- 12:00 AM only

2.      Check-out : 7:00 AM- 12:00 PM only

3.      Late/Early Check-in/Check-out charge: 200/hr.

4.      Security deposit: Php 2,000 cash, this will be collected upon check-in and refundable upon check-out ( NO SECURITY DEPOSIT NO CHECK-IN POLICY) *foreign currency equivalent to Php 2,000 will be accepted.

5.      Strictly No smoking, no illegal drugs, and no washing of hotel items.

                          Penalty Charges:

                   i.  Smoking Guest- penalty with stern warning

                                            a.              1st Warning- 1,000

                                            b.              2nd Warning- 3,000

                                            c.               3rd Warning- 5,000

                   ii. Use of illegal drugs –security deposit will be forfeited in full (imprisonment)

                  iii.  Washing of hotel items- security deposit will be forfeited in full.

6.      No pets allowed.

7.      Lost keys ( Php 500 penalty charge)

8. Lost and damaged items will be deducted from security deposit.Charge upon check-out if more than the amount of the security deposit.Stained Linens will be charge accordingly, penalty may vary on the damages with the management’s approval.


1.       Look for Two Central Building ( signage is can be easily seen outside)

2.       Proceed to the main lobby ( security lobby) located at the ground floor

3.       Present Valid ID and Booking Reference Number

4.       Proceed to CSuites Guest Lounge located at the 18th floor.



1.       When using a car, please proceed to Valero Access Road 4 pay parking is available in first come first serve basis ( please note that we don’t full have control in the parking area)

2.       Drop of area is in front of the building along Valero Street only.



Infront of Heart Tower ( Green Building), 24/7 Plaza ( Orange Building)

We are at the back of GT Tower and Philam Life Tower

Parking Policy:

Parking Fees:

Vehicle                                 :               Php 40.00  first two (2) hours

                                                            Php 15.00 per succeeding hours

Motorcycle                         :                 Php 40.00  first two (2) hours

                                                             Php 15.00 per succeeding hours

Flat Rate                              :               Php 40.00 Sundays/Holidays

Lost Card                             :               Php 300 + Parking Fee

Lost Ticket                           :               Php 150 + Parking Fee

Overnight Charges               :               Php 150 + Parking Fee


  • Overnight charges will apply if guest park their vehicle on an hourly or flat rate basis before 10PM and leave beyond 3AM of the following day.
  • A fraction of an hour is considered (1) one hour.
  • Guest who lost parking ticket or card will be required to present proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • A flat rate will apply to all guests who enter the parking area starting 12:00 AM of a Holiday or Sunday until 11:59 PM of the same day. Guest who enter the parking area in a flat  rate scheme are given until 5:00 AM of the following day to exit. Otherwise, they will be charged with succeeding parking fee starting 5:01 AM.

 As this is a residential building, please be aware that CSuites Management has no control of the building’s parking policy.


PLEASE BE ADVISE : Pool is closed every Monday for cleaning and maintenance purposes




For more convenient and hassle free transaction we are accepting credit and debit card payment on site. We are 24/7 open starting Jan. 11, 2018 to serve and accommodate you better.